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The Equipment I use

One question I regularly get asked when I am selling my photos at fairs is “what equipment do I use”. Photography is a lot more than just physical equipment it is also about how you equip yourself for taking photos. So not just the photography kit, it's also the gear you wear, how you remain safe and the skills you have learnt. In this section, I will aim to cover how I equip myself for nature and landscape photography.

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Camera and lenses

The vast majority of my photos have been taken with my trusty Nikon D7200. Released in 2015, it demonstrates you don’t need to have the latest / best camera to get good photos. Most of my camera kit is second-hand. In the UK I recommend MPB for all your second-hand camera equipment needs.

Used Nikon D7200 from MPB
Used Nikon D7200 from MPB #

If you are new to photography, all the big-name camera manufactures (Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony) produce good quality cameras. I would recommend either renting the cameras you are interested in or going to your local camera store to try out each manufacturers camera to see which one feels the most natural to use. You want a camera which you hardly notice you are using so that you can focus fully on the images you want to capture.

Camera filters and accessories

After trying various filters over the years, I have settled on NiSi filters as my preferred ones. The filters I use are the True Colour circular polarising filters and the 100mm neutral density filters. Save money by only buying one size of circular filter and then use step-up rings to make them fit your various lenses. If you want to use a tripod, my preferred method of mounting is an Arca-Swiss compatible L-Bracket and tripod head.

Safety Equipment

It's important you stay safe when out with your camera. With landscape photography in particular you may find you need to go quite remote to get the best shots. It is important you can look after yourself and request help if the worst happens. Be prepared, always know the weather forecast, tide times, backup routes etc.

Photography Skills

That’s the tools of photography sorted. Equally important (arguably more important) is learning good photography skills. These are the books I used to build my photography skills.

All that's left now is to practise, practise, practise, practise.

I hope your photography brings you endless hours of enjoyment.


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